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猶太人最有名的10句話 : 每一句都值得細細品味...


世上人工作、生活,會發現錯事不斷出現,綜合了經験。不重覆犯錯,變得更好是最真貴! 不管是否猶太人說話,確是經典金句。





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1 0、寧願做過了後悔,也不要錯過了後悔!

1、 A drop of  dirty water will contaminate a glass of clean water, whereas a drop of clean water will not purify a glass of dirty water.  
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2、There are three things in the world that people can not take away from you: the food in your stomach, the dream in your bosom, and the knowledge in your mind.
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3、Horses are liable to stumble over soft grounds, so are people over sweet talks.
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4、There is no distinction between tragedy and comedy.  The tragedy you can get over from is a piece of comedy; the comedy you indulge yourself with is a piece of tragedy. 

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5、Without reading, you are nothing but a mailman even you've trod thousands of miles.

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6、Don't get riled up when your neighbor plays piano at two o'clock in the morning; you can wake him up at four and tell him of your admiring his performance.  
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7、If you do nothing but wait, you'll find the only thing would happen is your getting old.  

8、Real friendship doesn't mean endless talks when people getting together; instead, it means no need of an ice-breaker even there is only silence between them.

9、Time is a master of curing trauma, but absolutely not an expert in solving problems.

1 0、It'd better regret of doing something, rather than regret of missing something.

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